"A goal without a plan is just a wish"

— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

A Cosmos by the Lake

Stars smiled upon me
Nice to say hello again
Loveliest surprise

Fair-weather Friend

My fair-weather friend
Likes me on days I get paid
Hides me on others

Another Vacation

Ask me down again
Help you pick up the pieces
Call it vacation

No Warmth

Bucket of water
Onto a soul's blazing hearth
Farewell, wisp of smoke

Surf Line

Pick up the red phone
Your sweet voice flows over me
In sugary waves 

Cute Scorpion

Bubbly child of Mars
Still you hook me from the stars
Please never let go


Cosmically drifting
Yet seeking like infrared
Found heat of our hearts

Love of the Ocean

She's down for too long
Not one to easily quit
Like a second swell

Life on the Red Planet

A carbon dreamscape
Materialized in flame
Descended from Mars

Keep It Simple Sweetheart

She's a simple girl
Not about technology
Wiser than she knows


Happily bleeding
Arrow through left ventricle
Shakes fist at Cupid

The Bridge

Standing at the bridge
To a sunshine dimension
I will cross over


Between the two of us
Seven hundred miles and
Thousands of long sighs

Pillow Talk

Record your heartbeat
Play it back through a speaker
Inside my pillow

River Physics

Hearts spin in water
Our quantum entanglement
Transforming summer 

Fourth of July

Nightfall surprises me
Jewels from your lips bursting
Hot as fireworks fly

Your Spot

With you on the sand
Living our day in the sun
A lifetime ahead

Guided by Light

Never losing sight
Sailing the stormiest seas
You are my lighthouse

One Path

Our parallel paths
Converged one fine spring morning
Now we walk just one


My soul flickers fast
Dying lightbulb in the fridge
Close the door on me

Work in Progress

Walking through amber
If certain of what you need
Please, take the right steps

Zero Doubt

Doubt like a dragon
Cannot breathe its fire on me
My heart is my shield

Unwilling Culicidae

Whine of beating wings
Without landing for my blood
She won't drink poison

On Deck

Fireworks above town
We collide in broad daylight
Our own little world

How I Burn for You

Sunbeam says hello
Naturally amplified fire
Lake full of lava

Meandering Morning Mist

Mist swirled around me
Focus then switched on to you
Eyes now misty too 

Too Hot to Handle

Always colliding
Setting off cosmic fireworks
Our heat burns the sun

Woman in the Moon

A face in the sky
Glowing on the nighttime dew
Your moonbeam kisses 

Selfishness in the Stars

Spoiled blameless soul
Slap color out of my face
Say it is my fault

Let Lightning Live Long

Current runs through us
Like charging capacitors
Wait until we touch

Synchronize Watches

Fridays around nine
Appears your most common time
For disappearing

Young Again

Heartbeats play hopscotch
Wildly skipping within us
A game of smiling


Your heart creates steam
Tenacity propels you
No falling apart

Life Does Revolve

Forgive my weakness
Not strong enough to sustain
This reality

Sometimes Please Stop

Not yesterday's date
On my birth certificate
Lies unbecoming

Aquatic Constellations

Water everywhere
Encircled by shores of love
Lit by moon and mars

I am Dying

Museum or shrine
Home to my past tense pieces
Passed on to no one

Snowstorm of Solitude

Lonely snow falling
Blanketing an absent love
Seems less beautiful

Navigation by Heart

You are my lighthouse
My river to the ocean
You are my North Star

Why Asterismos?

We became four stars
Strung in the weather for years
Until one fell off

State of Serendipitous Sunshine

From our first meeting
You gave me a special gift
We will always be

Pity Park

Difficult seesaw
One side guilt — other side shame
Can we leave this park?

Corazón de Fuego

You dropped an ember
In my heart decades ago
Now an inferno

Twenty-Seven Degrees

Confusion so strong
Entirely focused on
Not falling apart


Living off the grid
Frequent flyer miles expired
Uncivilized now


Dearest daffodil 
Marvelous hearted daughter 
Stars shining for you

New Moon

The moon lasts awhile
Think of me when you see it
I'm already gone

Periodically Able

Bluish eye stains rain
Cold quantum phenomenon
Double bonded chain


Seeking the heart's warmth
Now beside a wondrous flame
Lit in me the same
Brian Shumate
Work: software and distributed systems challenges — play: art, writing, programming and outdoor activities
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